During the period that I was an all breed handler the miniature poodle bitch, Ch. Ravendune Decidedly TP  (Puzzle) was brought to me to be shown by her owner’s David Anderson and J. Ray Johnson.   While I was best known for my collies, I had “cut my teeth” in purebred dogs around some very beautiful miniature poodles.  I fell in love with Puzzle’s classic head, expression and elegance and in 1984 purchased a puppy from her first litter by Ch. Ravendune Bronco Billy as a foundation for the Eaglehill poodle family.  That puppy became Ch. DeRay’s Your Cheating Heart and unfortunately she could never have puppies, after becoming sterile from a freak episode with peritonitis.  In 1985 I acquired a puppy from the repeat breeding to begin my miniature poodle breeding program; shortly before separation and divorce proceedings were begun.  The puppy was placed in co-ownership with Lynn DeRosa of Dalin toy poodles and named Eaglehill’s Dalin Pretty Pleas (Pris).  While she never finished her championship, Pris is an influential top producer behind many Dalin toys and miniatures and all Eaglehill miniatures.

In 1990, David and I brought a Pris daughter home, much to David’s chagrin. “A poodle?  I have my image, you know!” was his comment.  That puppy became Ch. Eaglehill’s Prim-N-Proper TP (Roxie) and the foundation for our line, now in its 7th and 8th generation.  More importantly, she was our much loved companion for 16 years and changed David’s opinion of miniature poodles forever.   We see her beautiful structure, coat and type everyday in her descendants. 

The Eaglehill story could go on for many pages.   In 2005, The Poodle Review ran an interview with us in the Stud Dog Issue.  Much of the history of our breeding program can be found there.  Additionally, the photo gallery contains pictures of most of our champions and information can be found on the “details” button for most of the dogs in the gallery.